About Soraia

Soraia epitomizes raw power, unrelenting energy, chaos, and freedom. Their live show frenetic and intensely interactive. The band's chemistry cut over several years of fierce, relentless touring in the dingiest dive to the most massive amphitheater, attracting a worldwide fanbase.
Recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine's Year in Rock 2017, the band now has six singles and three studio albums in heavy rotation on SiriusXM - as well as international commercial radio success.
See you on the road!

"Searing guitars, burning soul and true CBGB grit: Soraia are the rock you need, in your face now."

- David Fricke, Rolling Stone/Sirius XM Radio


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"In this skin, breathing in, the blood of a thousand heroes, running through my veins"

- Still I Rise, Soraia